Reitlehenalm – the starting point for your hiking tour

Hiking Tours

The Country Lore Path between the Reitlehenalm and Habersatt cafe reveals fascinating insights into country lore, particularly regarding the weather, on specific days of the year.

The Sonnseit'n Alm Tour is a diverse, gently undulating forest trail. It takes you past the Moosalm, Reitlehenalm, Buchsteinalm, Habersatt cafe, Herzgsellbauer farm, and back to your original starting point.

The impressive panorama tour on the Rossbrand – the most beautiful, most scenic mountain in the Eastern Alps - to the Radstädter Hütte leads along the sunny side of a forested ridgeline in the Schwemmberg recreation area. Also located along this tour is the "Country Lore" theme path.

Hiking in Altenmarkt

In the ATOMIC Vital-Park, two richly contrasted worlds of hiking lie close together.

The charming village of Altenmarkt (842 m), nestled in a broad, open valley basin, and the mountain village of Zauchensee amidst an area of alpine pastures (1,350 m), surrounded by mountains plucked from the pages of an alpine picture book.

These two hiking worlds generally offer moderately challenging hiking routes at all elevations and are filled with contrasts: leisurely and delightful from Altenmarkt, challenging and adventurous from Zauchensee. A total of 20 hiking routes extending out for 240 km, circumnavigating the Lacken- and Strimskogel from 842 to 2,344 m above sea level: this is what the unique ATOMIC Vital-Park is all about.